Ngulburnan, yuriyawi “Waterhole" Lapis
Ngulburnan, yuriyawi “Waterhole" Lapis
Ngulburnan, yuriyawi “Waterhole" Lapis
Sonia Pallett

Ngulburnan, yuriyawi “Waterhole" Lapis

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Ngulburnan, yuriyawi “Waterhole”

These cute waterhole earrings are Sterling Silver and Lapis each piece is handcrafted making it a fantastic gift.
Ngulburnan, yuriyawi is in Wiradjuri Language which means waterhole. Wiradjuri is an area where i grew up NSW.

Waterholes are very important as most journeys include these without water there is no life.

All the designs in this shop are symbols used in Aboriginal culture and are made by myself, I am an Aboriginal Jewellery Artist who descendants are from Kooma which is in the Cunnamulla area.

They weigh aprox 1.91g each and are 3.2cm long from loop and 1.6cm wide. Making them a light and comfortable earring to wear.

I have many pieces please check them out they do make fantastic presents or just to treat yourself.

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